“Free Time”

Just looking at that feature photo above gave me a good laugh. Haven’t we all been there? I know that at many times in my ten years of owning a phone, I’ve succumbed to the pressures of putting its needs before my own. How stupid…

But did you know that the average person checks their cell phone 110x a day? It’s a phenomenon known as “device addiction”, where you simply can’t put your device down because of its hold on you.

How common is this scene today? All too common, apparently.

With device addiction everywhere, it’s becoming more and more prevalent to find people distracted, and even more disconnected from their surroundings. It’s even illegal in Hawaii to cross the street while looking at your phone!

 With practically all of humanity accepting that this is the new norm among society today, there is finally a space that has been created for students to come and vent about what they think about their own phone usage, the effects it has on them, or what has made them so crazy attached to it.

Interested in Contributing?

If this something that piques your interest, then FOW wants you to write for us! A major suggestion coming from Future Of Writing is the “Free Time” recurring blog space.

For starters, there are requirements in contributing to this blog:

    • You must be a current Rowan University Writing Arts student, whether you’re a commuter, resident, or online student
    • Have the willingness to both create and spend some of your individual free time writing for us and our blog space
    • Being comfortable with interjecting your opinion about the topic when creating your post. Everyone’s experiences are going to differ and be unique, and that is okay (diversity is encouraged!) 
  • Post length- The minimum required length should be 800+ that includes details about your experiences with or without your phone. **See the Prompts if you are lost about what to include in the post. 

Prompts for the “Free-Time” blog

Feel free to play around with some of the prompts when you contribute (these are only here to help expand ideas), but keep it light! The goal is to bounce ideas off of one another and find ways to really connect with others, but without the presence of technology and social media via your phone. The mandatory question that should be answered by each contributor is: It seems like it has become socially acceptable to be in an exclusive relationship with your personal devices, especially your phone. Are you a part of this “sign of the times”? Why or why not? (150-200 words)

  • What makes you feel so reliant on your phone?
  • Tell other readers of FOW about experiences that came your way when you didn’t have your phone out- was it enlightening to see what was going on around you?
  • What does it make you feel like to be without your phone for any length of time?
  • Did your phone ever put you on the spot or in a moment you just couldn’t recover from? ***FYI***Embarrassing stories like these make for great reads 🙂 
  • What kinds of activities keep your interest when your phone isn’t involved?
  • Be sure to include your cellular habits when you do use your phone when not participating in any “free time” activity- Snapchat, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, foursquare, etc.

If the “Free-Time” blog is something you are interested in contributing to send us an email.

About the Author

Taylor Renzi
Taylor is a Southern NJ native & senior at Rowan University. She is a Writing Arts major, Education minor and a first-time contributor to FOW's site. She is also a new dog mom to her bratty German Shepherd, Olivia. When she's not chasing the dog around, she enjoys cooking, reading, being outdoors, binging Netflix responsibly, and pinning things on her Pinterest board that she will most likely never get around to making.