Music Playlists for the Engaged and Creative Soul

Calm Down and Focus

  • This playlist contains songs to calm you down and focus on whatever you are working on. Most, if not all of these songs are instrumental, without lyrics. It also contains music that are Classical, scores from movies, and ambient and “spacey”. According to the article, “How Music Genres Affect the Brain,” soothing music is de-stressing and healing. Also, according to the article, “6 types of music college students love listening to while studying,” Classical music is good for studying, reading, or completing intense projects.

Pumped Up and Ready to Work

  • This playlist contains songs that pump you up and get you motivated and ready to create great work or content. Within the playlist, there are genres that are heavy metal or hard rock, alternative rock, and rap (“Hamilton”). According to the article, “6 types of music college students love listening to while studying,” “Some students listen to heavy metal rock to get pumped up and keep them alert while working.” If a student listens to hip hop/rap, it “gets the student pumped and ready to be productive and successful.”

Background Noise

  • This playlist generally contains music that is background noise. Students can listen to these tunes if they are working on Math or writing notes, basically work that does not rely on 100% concentration. Students can listen to these songs to make the time go faster. The music that is in this playlist are songs that I would normally listen to, such as, Classic Rock and Soft Rock.

About the Author

Rae Colella
My name is Rachel Colella or you can call me Rachel or Rae. I am a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences (Writing Arts and American Studies) with a minor in Education. Fun fact about me: I am a huge musical theatre nerd and music geek.