Top 5 Free Apps of the Month for College Students: December Edition

December is a time for all things Christmas. But for those of us in college, December means finals. Final cumulative exams, lengthy papers, never-ending due dates, and tedious assignments are all too familiar to college students. But what if there was a way to make this December a lot less stressful? We’ve put together a list of five of the best, free apps that are must-haves for every college student this finals season!

#1- EvernoteHave you ever wished that you could organize all of your class notes, worksheets, and other info all in one organized place to make studying easier? Evernote is an app that makes note-taking organized, easy, and accessible, allowing you to store all of your notes and information for your classes in one place. In the free, basic plan, you can create “Notebooks” that can be personalized per class or subject. Within the notebook, you are able to write individual notes for separate lectures or topics that pertain to the course. You can even attach/take photos to add, record audio to add to the notes, add a sketch, or attach another file to refer to within the notes. The free plan allows you to sync a total of two devices with a total of 60 MB worth of space per month at no cost. If you are an Apple or web user, this is definitely an app to consider!

#2- Mathway If you’ve ever gotten stuck on a math problem and wished that there was a quick, simple way to get the correct answer, Mathway is your solution! Mathway is a free app that acts as a math problem-solver by allowing you to enter any math problem and quickly get an accurate answer. You can select any subject: basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, chemistry, or graphing. Mathway offers examples, a glossary, and a worksheet generator to make math easier for you! If you need some extra studying before finals or simply want to make sure your answers are correct, this is a great app to download!

#3- Wunderlist As a college student, you probably have tons of things on your to-do list. Around this time of year, you have papers to write, finals to study for, Christmas presents to buy, etc. Wunderlist is a great way to keep all of your lists organized and in one place. Students can create different folders, like “School,” “Christmas,” or “Groceries” and can add individual tasks that need to be done in each folder, checking them off as you complete them. The app allows you to add due dates, set alarms for reminders, set subtasks, and even add notes or files onto the task. This app is completely free and is a must-have for smartphone users!

#4- Quizlet- You probably know what Quizlet is, but you might not know how many different tools it provides to help with your cramming sessions. Quizlet is a great app to help you study for finals because you can create your own digital flashcards. By clicking “Create a new study set,” the app allows you to enter what subject, chapter, and unit the specific flashcards are from to keep you organized. Then you can enter the term and definition to create the flashcards to make studying easier! Once you’ve created a study set, you can choose to learn the cards, write, match terms, or test your knowledge. After learning the terms and taking tests, Quizlet will show you how you’re doing and what notecards might need to be studied a little more. If you need an app to help you study, this is definitely the way to go.

#5- Exam CountdownFinals are around the corner and what better than an app that can keep you on track and remind you about your exams? Exam Countdown lets you do just that! Once you download this free app, you can click on the plus sign to add an exam and include a subject, name, start date, color, and icon for each test. The exams will be listed in chronological order based on due date. Your upcoming exams will be listed under the upcoming section and will move to the completed section once you’ve finished that exam. This is a great way to prepare for any tests you have throughout the semester, especially for your finals!

Hopefully these five apps make finals more bearable for you! Good luck on your exams!

About the Author

Dana Fatcher
Dana Fatcher is a student at Rowan University, majoring in Elementary Education with a dual major in Writing Arts. She enjoys writing and learning about different technologies that can help her in the future!