RU a Music Lover?: A Q&A with Tyler

Hello Profs! Welcome to “RU a Music Lover?” This site is directed specifically toward people with a big heart for music. Whether you are a music major here at Rowan, or just enjoy listening to your Spotify playlist while walking to class, you have come to the right place! For this post, we will be meeting a “soon-to-be” graduate with a great passion for music. He will also be sharing his experiences and advice he has for future students…

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Everyone…Meet Tyler Steinbronn! Tyler is a commuter, a music major and a soon to be graduate of Rowan University.



A few days ago, I met with Tyler in order to discuss his interest in music, his plans for his future and any advice he has for prospect Rowan students with a interest in music like he does:

Question 1: How/when did you get involved with music?

TYLER: My passion for music began when my dad got a drum set for his 40th birthday. I would play that thing e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. During silent reading in middle school, I would get in trouble by my teacher for playing with my drumsticks that I kept in my book bag.

When I started high school, I dedicated most of my time to the band. I marched Drumline all four years and was luckily awarded multiple musicianship and leadership awards during my high school career.

Now a student at Rowan, I have chosen to dedicate my studies to my passion–music. Over the past four years I have been studying Music Industry, Music Tech and Business. It has been a great decision because I have been doing what I love.

Question 2: What is your motto?

TYLER: I always like to say…”Don’t HIT the drums… PLAY the drums…”

Question 3: Which instruments do you play?

TYLER: My main instrument is drum set, but I can also play guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele and technically anything besides reed instruments (clarinet, saxophone).

Question 4: Who is your biggest inspiration in music & why?

TYLER: My biggest music inspiration is “The Edge” (lead guitarist for U2). The edge is my inspiration because he revolutionized the guitar using multi-effects and created a whole new sound/role for the instrument. He’s the inspiration behind every music project I take on.

Question 5: What was your biggest musical accomplishment?

TYLER: My biggest musical accomplishment was signing a contract to play the drums for the musical “Rock Of Ages” for 30 performances at the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton NJ!

Question 6: Any advice for prospect Rowan students interested in music?

TYLER: If you are interested in being a music major, know that before you go into it that it will be a lot of work. Also, don’t be intimidated by other’s opinions of you majoring in music–if you love what you do, then do it. If you are interested in producing music, be unique. The music industry is booming right now and people want to hear something original. Looking up Youtube videos, reading Billboard magazine and attending lots of concerts has helped me a lot as an artist. If you don’t want to be a music major but still want to include music in your Rowan career, there are many ways to get involved. A few of my friends are in many clubs pertaining to music. Oh, and also… Practice, practice, practice. 

Interested in listening to some of Tyler’s work while also getting in the holiday spirit? Click here to listen to some of his tunes.

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