Why are college students addicted to social media?


In today’s generation teens and college students are spending a numerous amount of time on social media because they’re becoming fascinated with the lifestyle of others instead of being interested in their life. In a recent interview I conducted with four college students I came to a realization that they each check their social media accounts (Snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook) when they first wake up. They all resort to these social media platforms when they wake up in the morning because they feel like they have missed out on something. But, the question here is what can you possibly be missing within 6-8 hours of sleep? Apparently, a lot.

I interviewed each person separately and they all had the same results. They each spend numerous of hours on social media mainly because they like to keep up with celebrity drama, drama between residents in their community, fashion trends, funny videos, and so much more. Nia Clark, 22, senior at Rowan University stated, “I think social media is so addicting because people feel like they have the right to look in your life and social media allows them to do that.” Clark made a valid point here because social media allows people to have an insight on our lives. Social media gives us an option to leave our profiles public, to share our post, and most of all to take screenshots of the things we post. Malisa Mendez, 22, stated  “Social media is a big distraction. When I’m at work I get on my phone until I have to complete a task. When I’m on Facebook I get easily distracted from my work environment because I am spending hours scrolling, liking, commenting, and laughing at post. By the time I’m done I don’t realize how long I’ve been staring at my phone. Then when it’s time to complete my assignment it’s barely finished.” 

People are spending more time looking into the lives of others instead of spending time enjoying their life. They have become infatuated with the funny videos, the Instagram models, and the gossip causing them to not invest time in themselves. The social media addiction is taking away from our everyday life. We aren’t able to stay focus on the things we should be focus on. Not to mention social media’s addiction is also leading to insecurities due to celebrities posting photos of what your body should look like instead of posting how to accept your body. It has also made people believe they are missing out on the finer things because celebrities (including Instagram famous people) are constantly posting photos in expensive things and partaking in expensive activities. Since people are able to publicize their accounts this causes us to become addicted to the lifestyles of others because inside we feel like we are missing out on the finer things in life but, in reality we aren’t.

It’s time we start taken control of the digital culture instead of it controlling us. We must be able to grow self control and to not spend a long period time on our social media accounts. The same amount of time that we invest in social media should be the same amount of time we invest in our goals.

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Ariana Garcia
My name is Ariana Garcia and I am Puerto Rican. I was born and raised in Camden, NJ. I am currently a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in writing arts minoring in journalism. My career goals are to become a writer for a magazine, begin a clothing line and a non-profit after school program for teenage girls. On the weekends I like to go out with my best friend, binge watch Gilmore Girls, and sketch clothes. I like to describe myself as a person who is independent, outgoing, and positive.