Horoscopes for Rowan Students during Finals Week

This week is all about prepping for your finals and your horoscope is officially here!


Aries/Ram ♈️ (March 21st – April 19th) – Aries are very confident, enthusiastic people so finals are no problem for them. They will be sitting with their feet up, sipping on hot chocolate while their peers are stressing for their exams. Aries will make it known to all of their roomies that they will be acing their exams with a breeze.  However, this sign is very selfish and impatient so when their roommates ask for help studying Aries are very quick to say NO! Do not worry Aries, in addition to all of this you will be encountering major amounts of road rage because Rowan’s Parking sucks! Your selfish and quick-tempered personality causes you to get in a few parking brawls, it is a dog eat dog world out there Profs.

Taurus/Bull ♉️ (April 20th -May 20th) – Taurus are very patient and persistent so they will be taking there studying very seriously. They may not grasp the information right away but they are very persistent in learning everything for the exam. They are not stressing too much because they know that with time that they will learn everything that they need to know. However this is a very jealous and inflexible sign so when one of their roommates/friends does better on the exam then them there will be a lot of tension.

Gemini/Twins ♊️ (May 21st- June 20th) – There will be no surprises with Gemini’s finals this week. They can adapt well to any situation and are very intelligent but when it comes time to taking their exams they become very nervous and tense. With this being said, they will end up cheating on their exam.  They are very sneaky and curious so they are always trying to compare their answers to the people sitting next to them. Gemini, you are a very intellectual person so take a breath, stop cheating and be confident with your answers.

Cancer/ Crab ♋️ (June 21st – July 22nd) – You will be having a study date with a cute boy this week! When he comes crying to you because he is afraid he is going to fail, your loving and sympathetic qualities kick in and you jump to the opportunity to help him.  After a few study dates you become touchy and clingy and overly emotional with this vulnerable guy. Come on Cancer, you are better than this!! You are a very intelligent person but don’t let your emotions take over.

Leo/ Lion ♌️ (July 23rd – August 22nd) – Your Generous and warm- hearted personality causes you to create a study group with your classmates so that you can help them kick your finals a$$. However, your kind gesture takes a 360 and you become bossy and intolerant to work with. It is you way or the highway, but your peers are not about it and they do not want you help anymore. It is probably best if you just study by yourself this week and focus on passing your finals.

Virgo/ Virgin ♍️ (August 23rd- September 21st) – You are a worrier when it comes to everything but why? You are such an intelligent person so there is no need to be so harsh on yourself all of the time. Since you like to perfect everything that you do, your take-home finals will take you twice as long because you need to critique all of your work. However, your shy personality prevents you from asking for help when you need it the most. Take initiative this week and ask for help from your peers, it’ll pay off in the long run. Since you are such a worrier you make sure you leave an hour early to go to your final so that you can find parking without missing your whole class.

Libra/Scales ♎️ (September 22nd – October 23rd) – Your flirtatious and charming personality causes you to get a HOT study date this week with the cute guy from your class. You are easily influenced so this study date may involve some wine and snacks which leads you to not be studying that much. You are very easy going so you just go with the flow and do not complain that your favorite wine is involved. However, you are extremely indecisive so you do not know if you want to stay here and study with this guy or go back home and be a little more productive. (Wants vs. Needs gf)

Scorpio/Scorpion ♏️ (October 24th- November 21st) – You are determined to get straight A’s this semester (who isn’t honestly) because you are so passionate about getting good grades. However, you are jealous and resentful to your classmates that get better grades than you whether it be a whole letter grade or a one point difference. You try to be secretive but you a very naive and ungrateful to other people’s success but there is nothing wrong with being extra happy about your own.

Sagittarius/Archer ♐️ (November 22nd- December 21st) – You tell it how it is and when people do the same to you, you take it with good-humor. You are very optimistic and never get mad at Rowan’s crappy parking situation because you know you are bound to find a spot soon even though we both know that is not true whatsoever. However, you are a very brutally honest person so when the smelly kid in the library sits next you, you better believe you are telling him to move. You have no cares in the world little sag so don’t worry you are celebrating the kick off to finals week at the bar on Mexi-Monday because careless and irresponsible are your middle name.

Capricorn/ Goat ♑️ (December 22nd – January 19th) – You are a very practical people,

eat – study – bed. There is no time for fun in between which makes you miserable but even though you try to be practical you act very pessimistic about your exams. No matter what you do, no matter how much you study you see the worst in everything but you are patient and careful when taking the exams so hopefully those skills pay off.

Aquarius/ Water Bearer ♒️ (January 20th- February 18th) – Your unpredictable, unemotional personality has you going buck crazy during finals week. No parking? You better believe that you are messing with people’s cars but your friendly; honest personally causes you to come clean when the people ask what you did. You are an independent soul so you do not need to rely on anyone this week other than yourself. You are always unpredictable; your friends never know what your next move is going to be. Are you going to study? Are you going to go to the bar? Will you go on a study date? You truly never know with Aquarius because they try to keep you on your toes.

Pisces/ Fishes ♓️ (February 19th –March 20th) – You will be doodling the whole time instead of actually studying because with your imagination there is no time for studying. You are compassionate about your thoughts and ideas that who needs studying? You are a very selfless friend, classmate and person in general so when people need help in the library you are the first to pull up a chair and help. You are very secretive though, you do not like people knowing where you are or what you are doing so whenever you get up and leave your friends never know where you end up going.

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Hey Guys! My name is Brittany Guerin and I am an Elementary Education major with a dual major of liberal studies reading and writing arts at Rowan University. I am in my junior year of college and I am excited to pursue my dream. I am from Tabernacle, New Jersey and I have lived there for 11 years now. Writing plays a big role in my life because my writing style reflects whom I am. Also my dual major is Writing arts so Writing plays a big role in my life and when I become a teacher I will always be using it and will eventually be teaching it to my fellow students.