Welcome to: The Maaan Caaave

Introducing the newest podcast from your (future) favorite people.  The Maaan Caaave is an exploration of LGBTQ+ topics from three members of the LGBTQ+ community, Matthew Vesely, Ian Jennings, and Ripley Forest.  Each episode tackles a different topic (ranging from a hot topic in the news to a general subject), and generally lasts an hour.

Episode 1 of The Maaan Caaave is “The Word ‘Queer.'”  In this episode, the cast discussed the word’s origin, its history, and the debate in the community.

Episode 2 of The Maaan Caaave is “Gay Celebrities.”  This episode takes a more fun topic and discusses the proud queer celebrities, those we wish were queer, and the problem in Hollywood.

Thank you to all who have supported the production of this podcast, and thank you to the members of the LGBTQ+ community who give us the strength to produce something like this.

About the Author

Matthew Vesely
Matthew Vesely will be graduating from Rowan University with a BA in Writing Arts and a BA in Theatre in Spring 2019. Shows produced in the past include Big Brother: The Unauthorized Musical Parody - available to view now on Youtube.com - and Trigger Warning: a Melancholy Musical - premiering in Rowan University's Lab Theatre in Spring 2018. S/o to his dogs, Flea & Darla.