How did you come to vinyl?


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The rustic door squeaked as my mom and I entered the record store. We were in search for our music. Now you are probably wondering how did we both get into going to a record store and dig for vinyl? It is a great time for my mom and I to spend mother and daughter time, we enjoy the friendly workers in the store, and we are ultimately there to buy records.The record store is a place where all the misfits can come and be themselves, and just dig for their music. “As a child, I had favorite songs on the radio and I would take my allowance to the record store that was in the mall. I would purchase the 45s and bring them home,” said my mom.  As for me, I went down the rabbit hole of Youtube and found music that interested me. “Years later, records stopped being produced due to the arrival of cds,” shared my mom. I went to cds when I wanted the physical album of the music that I was listening to. I later found spotify, which I used to follow the bands that I was interested in that were not from this country. My mom spoke that she “still listens to cds and has a spotify account, but my preference will always be vinyl.” This is when I heard about my mom’s interest in vinyl collecting throughout her childhood. My mom began to talk more about collecting records because vinyl has been making a come back. “I am finding joy in reconnecting with music that I have always loved, and new music that I am discovering,” my mom said. I personally was curious to hear my favorite bands on vinyl to see if there was any difference. When I walked into the store, which gave off an antique vibe; I questioned if they would have the music that I listened to. I was quick to discover that the store offered the option of online ordering. I was able to find the bands that I listened to on vinyl and saw that there was a difference in listening to music on vinyl. Listening to music on vinyl you can hear everything sound in the song. This is how my mom and I came to vinyl and will continue to dig for records.

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