The Experience of Record Digging

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Have you ever experienced a time when you first walked into a store and you get a vibe if it is a good place or bad place? When you walk into a record store this will be a moment you won’t forget. You are greeted with music playing from an array of genres. The store is labeled, so you can easily go to the genre of your interest. Then you begin to search through the wooden bins and flip through the 12- inch, 7-inch, and 45s vinyls. You are in search for that gold piece. Once you find the album you were looking for you get a rush of delight; it is like uncovering a long lost treasure. And you get hooked on digging for vinyl and you want to find more of your favorite music; and hold onto that enjoyment. Some record stores even offer online shopping to find albums, such as Discogs and Amazon.

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Yes, there is a process for digging for vinyl. When you are looking at the records there are a number of different criterias to take into consideration. First, what is the condition of the outer sleeve; is it pristine or worn, stains, ringwear, or other flaws? Second, are the inner sleeves correct and are they in good condition? Third, is the vinyl pristine or are there scratches, bubbles, warping? Fourth, is there writing on the inner labels of the vinyl? All of these affect the value of the record and the overall enjoyment. It is best to look for official releases that the artist would support; you want to avoid bootleg copies. Sometimes if you are looking for something and you find it, but its not in the best condition; some would purchase the vinyl and trade in that vinyl when a better conditioned one comes in. Again, yes there is a process of digging for records.


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