Getting Social, Getting Noticed, Getting Published.

Let’s face it, if the desire to be a writer has ever crossed your mind, there’s other taunting notions that have come along with the thought. Am I a good writer? Will anyone like my writing? Am I going to be crammed in this Philadelphia apartment working for the Starbucks across the street for the rest of my life? Or the more common question, How will I even get noticed? Thankful for our generation we have Social Media. As most of us know, social media can be a powerful thing in today’s society, and believe it or not, IT CAN help struggling writers do the one thing they’ve always dreamed of accomplishing, get noticed, build an audience, and possibly one day, if their work is noticed by the right person, get published. I personally follow quite a few poets on Instagram.  Over the last few years, I’ve watched these poets attain more followers, and some have even published books. However, before this, the idea of self publishing never came to mind. I’m going to research and give examples from 4 Instagram poets that I’ve personally admired and talk about why their worth following. But before we get into that, I want to point out some similarities all of theseInsta Poets have in common that I think have aided them in becoming well known book authors today.

  1. Almost all of them post their work printed from a typewriter. This is appealing to the eye; and let’s face is, anything old fashioned is trendy right now.
  2. They all have common topics; Life, love, heartbreak, loneliness, fear, lust – things everyone can relate to.
  3. They post often, some post everyday or even multiple times a day. To become a successful instagram poet persistence is definitely key.

Christopher Poindexter –  Instagram Name: christopherpoindexter

Poindexter is the very first instagram poet I followed. When I first followed his instagram account I can recall him only having roughly ab

out 400 followers. Today he has over 345 thousand, his own website, and has published two books. In 2015 he published, “Naked Human”, and in 2017 he published “Lavender.” He started out on instagram posting pictures of his work typed out on a typewriter. Today he is a well known poet and you can find his work at your local Barnes and Nobles. Poindexter accomplishments in general make him worth a follow. He shows dedication in his frequent posting, and displays raw, captivating poems that have the power to inspire a writer to get out their favorite pen and write down their deepest emotions. His poems are of love, lust, and life overall. He is successful not only on instagram now, he also has his personal webpage where individuals can buy custom prints of his work. One can see on his Instagram page that some have even had his words permanently engraved onto their bodies (something I’m sure he didn’t contemplate accomplishing). The work of Poindexter has the power to make you stop and look at the world we live in from a different lense, and that to me, is a characteristic of good poetry

Nick Miller-  Instagram Name: _nickmiller

Nick Miller is another instapoet I’ve followed for about a year now. His work varies in length, and while I must admit I’m not a fan of absolutely everything he writes, following his page is still good for two things.

  1. Good readings, sometimes good laughs.
  2. It’s a prime example of how simple it is to maintain an Instapoet account.

After-all, he has a little over 54 thousand follows, so he must be doing something right.  Nick Miller posts on his account frequently, sometimes more than once in a day, but always at least a few times throughout the week. His post can be as simply as one sentence, and some of his work one may consider random thoughts. But at the end of the day, even when he post something as silly as planning to go to the gym but instead getting tacos; he still has a fan base. He also has a published book titled, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?” Nick Miller only has around 500 post on his instagram, I scrolled down to see thetimeline of his success judging off of the increase in likes per post as time went on. His first post has 168 likes, as I continued to scroll through I noticed a drastic change in the amount of likes. His most recent post, which simply reads, “Let’s try summer again.” has close to 2,000 likes. With this artist, it seems persistency has been the key to his success.


Rupi Kaur- Instagram name: rupikaur_

Rupi Kaur may be one of the most well known instapoets today. She has 2.5 million followers and is the author of “Milk and Honey”; which is ranked at a 4.2 / 5 on goodreads and labeled a NY times bestseller. On her instagram account you can find a link to her personal website. On her site you can find her well written response to the question, “how did you self publish?” Her instagram truley exhibits a successful story of a writer who was turned down time and time again, 

and in return took matters into her own hands and self published her way to fame. Her work often doesn’t have too many words; and sometimes there are small illustrations to go along with her poems. As you can see from her poem attached here, she has that ability to say a lot with a little. Although Rupi didn’t start as an Instapoet, it has helped her generate and maintain a fan base along her journey. Rolling Stone notabley titled her “Queen of the Instapoets”.  


R.M. Drake- Instagram Name: rmdrk

Robert M. Drake is another on the list of the well known with 1.8 million Instagram followers. You’ve likely come across his work without even realizing it. This could be because he has the tendency to not leave his trademark on some of his work; However, his short poems are  often posted by well known celebrities like the Kardashians, and your average joe like myself. His poems are mostly of love, heartbreak, and sometimes of life. He has published many books; Beautiful Chaos was at one point Amazons 7th best selling book in the poetry category. In a Bustle article I found that R.M. Drake commented on his own work saying,




I think this statement could teach an individual a thing or two about writing, especially when it comes to writing and self publishing on social media platforms. What might that be you ask? Be yourself, write truthful raw emotions. It’s possible more people will relate to you than you think.

About the Author

Sabrina M.
Sabrina is a student here at Rowan University. She is an Social Science major with a dual major in Writing Arts, focusing on creative writing.