Social Media Cleanse

Welcome fellow Social Media Addicts!

Are you ready for a cleanse of all social media for two weeks?

Welcome to the Social Media Cleanse! A couple of us Rowan students decided to put social media applications on the back burner, and focus on our in life activities. With the consistent rise of technology interfering with our everyday lives, we thought it would be interesting to take a step back and see the effects social media has on our personal lives. We decided to include three different participants that vary in their social media usage to compare and contrast the effects the absence of social media has on different people.  

We encourage you all to join us on this cleanse! We are hoping the lack of social media will help students reconnect with old hobbies, become more active, focus on face to face communication, and improve academically.

Purpose: To see how life differs without using social media to fill our free time.

Time/Length: 2 weeks without social media.


Introduction of people participating in this cleanse:

Morgan Ferraro: Full Time Student


Rowan University: Senior

Elementary Education K-6, Writing Arts

Housing: Off-Campus House

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Waitress/ Counter girl at Milano’s Pizza and Cafe (40 hours a week)

Organizations: Active sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, Plays club softball

Social Media Usage: I am often using my phone to scroll through social media, whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter. I am active on all platforms of social media, and often scroll when I am bored at home, work, or in class. I use Snapchat and Instagram the most, and post quite often on both. If I had to estimate, I would say that I spend approximately 7 hours a day scrolling through my news feeds.

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Juliet Wilson: Full Time Student 

Age: 21

Relationship Status: single

Major/ Minor: Senior, Elementary Education K-6, Writing Arts & Geography,  

Occupation: Works at Wawa (34 hours a week)

Organizations: N/A

Housing Situation: Commutes to school

Social Media Usage: I use social media in my free time and I rarely post. I usually scroll through my news feeds to catch up on what I missed. I use Snapchat the most, then

Instagram, Twitter, VSCO, and then FaceBook. I would say I spend about three hours of

my day on social media.

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Sofia Tahzib: Full Time Student

Age: 20

Rowan University: Junior

Elementary Education K-6, Writing Arts

Housing: Off-Campus Apartment

Relationship Status: In Relationship (Long Term)

Occupation: Waitress, Olive Garden (30 hours a week)

Organizations: N/A

Social Media Usage: I rarely post on social media websites/applications. But I do find myself scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds consistently throughout the day. I believe that I waste around two hours a day on these two social media applications.

Click here to go to her blog and see how her social media cleanse went.

About the Author

Juliet Wilson
I am currently a Senior at Rowan University, and I am an Elementary Education major with a dual major in Liberal Studies; minoring in Writing Arts and Geography. While commuting to Rowan, trying to have a social life, I also work at Wawa. I also enjoy exercising, dancing and listening to music. In the minimal free time I have, writing in my journal about my life is something I enjoy doing. I also enjoy playing soccer and exploring nature. I also have three dogs Buddy, Sparky and Scrappy.