Reflecting on my YouTube Channel

The Beginning:

I remember being 14, sitting at my dial up computer with one of my neighborhood friends sitting next to me and watching youtube videos for hours until my mom needed to use the phone. Most of the youtube videos I watched were funny videos like Fred (Lucas Cruikshank), Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) or Salad fingers. The other videos I watched were usually “music videos.” Not real music videos of course, I had MTV for that. These music videos were stop motion videos of teenage girls in their backyard, lip syncing. Some of my favorites were made my Ghettoxfabxforever (Andrea Russett) and Braeton Brescia. I loved watching funny videos more than anything because they really made me and my friends laugh but I was more intrigued on making music videos. I’ll never forget my first camera, it was battery operated and I saved all my birthday money for it. It was cheap and low quality but I didn’t even care. All I wanted was to make videos for my own Youtube channel.

I created KarleyProductions (I know, super creative name) and the rest was history. I loved being in front of a camera and spending time and effort on creating videos. My first video was a music video for the song iYiY by Cody Simpson. This song was such a bop but the video was a flop (badum tss.) The thing is, mid video, I ran out of ideas. So it was half music video, half a dedication to my friend Jeunina. Super embarrassing but if you’re looking for a laugh, enjoy : LOL 

Even though this video was cheesy and something that did not turn out like I had hoped, I was addicted. All I thought about was video ideas, when I could film, who I would have in my videos and songs I would make music videos to. The problem was that I shared a computer with my two siblings and I had the cheapest, basic editing system so my creativity with editing was limited. Dial up computers also lacked speed so the computer would freeze and my content would be deleted. This did not stop me and I continue to create content.

I loved making music videos but I wanted to expand my content. I started making funny videos and vlogs of my friends and I. My friends were getting involved with Youtube too so it was fun to create content together. My friend Marissa and I even created a music video to the viral video Bed Intruder, which we found to be hilarious.

I wasn’t creating content to get popular or to become internet famous, creating youtube content was a creative outlet for me. Youtube was a community that was open minded and I could find people that were like me. I loved sharing my videos on Myspace and showing my family. Youtube was a way I could be myself and discover what made me happiest in life. 

The Middle:

Throughout the beginning of high school, my afternoons were taken up by creating videos with my neighborhood friends. A problem that I had was what kind of content I wanted to make. I started my channel for fun and not so much as a future like others did. I started the channel not having a main idea for it, I wanted to create whatever content I wanted to make and post. I was not a comedian or a beauty guru. I was just KarleyProductions, a high school girl making videos for fun. Most of my friends in high school also were making youtube videos as well and we eventually wanted to make a collab channel. Each girl had a dedicated day of the week, Monday through Friday, in which she would post a video to the channel. Our channel was called JerseyCollab. I was the Tuesday girl and everyday I would post a video to the channel. Our channel did not get much hype but it was a lot of fun. We had a blast creating content but eventually it died off.

As I was finishing up my Senior year in high school and beginning my journey to college, my time was mostly taken up. The problem that I had with creating content for YouTube was time management. I did not take YouTube as seriously as other youtubers and therefore I was not successful in the YouTube world. I was extremely busy in the end of my high school career with my school work, social life, working and playing softball. My time management sucked and YouTube was not on the top of my priority list. Most of my friends felt the same way. I made a couple videos at this time period (one that actually got about 9k views, which felt amazing), but the videos were inconsistent. If I were to make a video, it took me a long time to create.

One of my most popular videos: Sh*t Gingers Say 

People I knew or went to school with always told me they loved my videos. It made me feel so good. They would tell me how funny they were and would always questioned me as to why I was not making them anymore. YouTube was always in the back of mind. I was always thinking of ideas and concepts for future videos but it was a lot of work. Between filming and editing, my day could not fit the time. The consistency of my videos lacked and therefore YouTube was not a career for me.


I am still watching YouTube everyday of my life. YouTube is something that will always be with me. My videos are still posted on the internet and people still talk about them to this day. I am still always thinking about content and ideas but usually I never follow through. My biggest problem is the editing process, I hate editing the videos. College still takes up primarily all of my time and therefore videos are usually only posted when I am on a break from school, which is rare. I recently filmed a video and hope to get it posted on my channel within the next month. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and look out for videos that might never get posted!


About the Author

Karley B
My name is Karley and I am a student at Rowan University! I am an elementary education major with a dual major in liberal studies which is American Studies and Writing Arts.